Abilis Collaterals

Objective: Create material that communicated the new strategic direction of Abilis. The collaterals had to be synonymous with Abilis’ level of quality and heft while also increasing awareness in the community, engaging new clients while reassuring longtime clients and strengthening internal and external alignment.

Strategy: Create a high quality book articulating the structure and range of services with complimentary, individual pieces that would highlight each program and support directors to use for target audiences. I wrote, photographed and designed the material and the CEO’s complimentary messaging during a targeted roll out. I also managed a website revamp, and created all digital and print communication with same look, feel and depth. I oversaw the roll out and distribution of material to internal and external stakeholders, tailoring packages to the target. The result was increased engagement online, increased families using Abilis services, increased revenue for the organization.


Complimenting pieces