Anya Larkin, Ltd.

Objective: Anya Larkin is a couture wallpaper business that is in permanent collection at the Louvre and the Victoria and Albert Museum. After 2008, the business was struggling. I studied its operations and found it relies on a sales force stationed in showrooms throughout the world, the showroom buyers are professional designers and their clients. Anya’s relationships with the sales force is critical, and her image online key to accessing the end user. After studying past revenue trends, I found in better years she had increased “direct” sales in which the end user bypassed the showroom and called the studio directly. The showroom contracts restrict Anya from soliciting direct sales, but if a client initiates the contact, it was within the bounds of the contracts to make a sale. Anya needed a strategic communication plan to drive results.

Strategy: I created a strategic communications plan that would showcase Anya as an expert, reinforce the core message of exquisite designs, hand-made craftsmanship and impeccable service. I created narratives for each design that romanticized the creative process and brought them to life. I arranged for Anya to visit showrooms and cultivate relationships with the sales force and crafted a digital and print campaign that would engage designers and editors. I advised Anya on showroom presentations and strategies, followed up on her appearances, redesigned her website, created a photo bank for her staff to use in their outreach, and wrote articles for a “soft-sell” blog that would demonstrate her level of sophistication while making her more accessible. All of this came together in a strategic social media campaign targeting key stakeholders in both the showrooms and in design firms. As a result she was approached by a top showroom offering to represent her across the U.S. and in Europe, and she saw increased editorial coverage. She also received calls from design firms requesting presentations and growth in direct sales increasing revenue by 35% in the first year.


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