Daly Strategies

Growth Engine/ Bryan Mattimore (Ideation and Innovation): Marketing and communications strategy, content

Julie Jansen (Executive Coach): Website, images, video editing and content strategy

Sol’s Cliff House: Website, writing, photo, video, all content

OuttaVue: Website, content, product photos

Great Seasons Catering: Website, photos, writing

Pete Cornell Music: Website, all content

Imagined Balance (Mindfulness): Website, logo, content, images, video, communications and social media strategy in process

High Peak Partners (HR):  Website, logo, content, video, images, edit articles, communications strategy

King School: Writing, images, content strategy

Sheena Danziger Tutoring: Website

Shepard Insurance Company: Website, photos, content, writing

The Summer Theatre of New Canaan: Program designs, media strategy, communications

Anya Larkin Ltd. (Couture wallpaper): Website, social media, communications strategy

Purchase College Performing Arts Center

The Wall Street Journal

Hearst Newspapers

Beechwood Arts

Greenwich Chorale Society

United States Department of Justice

William Tong: Video