Art and notes

Objective: Communicate what Abilis is and what it does to the greater community and people beyond the families touched by disabilities.

Strategy: The best way to tell the Abilis story is to let the people who need Abilis tell it. I bought art supplies and cleared space in my office for artists to paint and worked with clients to write personal statements about Abilis. Their perspectives are powerful, their personal thoughts about Abilis and their beautiful art told the story. With the messages in their own handwriting, the need was apparent yet the vehicle was empowering. I repurposed the art using it to build Facebook campaigns and in creating products in various mediums to generate revenue including magnets, wrapping paper, note cards and a weekly planner which sold out in shops throughout Greenwich calling for a second printing. The art was on display at the well trafficked YMCA throughout my tenure garnering a media frenzy, new donors, new volunteers, new programs and new employment opportunities. Abilis got calls from top level executives wanting to donate services and from lapsed donors wanting to fund the program. The art generated 5 figures of revenue in the first year and was projected to increase in revenue by 20% each year for 5 years. The art was also central to an annual campaign increasing revenue by 30%. Paintings caused bidding wars at event auctions and the notes were used as solicitations in our Golf for Abilis event, increasing donations by 20%.